Travel Thoughts 2019

Travel Thoughts 2019

Traveling back to Ivory Coast after 3 months in Norway, it always feels a bit strange to change environments and leave one home behind. Leaving Oslo feels bittersweet, bitter because of leaving people behind and the rest of the Wattero team. Sweet because it’s time, there is much to do and in Abidjan, as well there are people waiting.

The first thing that strikes me as I arrive in Abidjan is that is not as hot and humid as expected. The months from May to September are named rainy-season here and it certainly cools down the country. It is still 28-30 degrees, which feels comfortable.

Abidjan is a huge city with 5 million inhabitants, it’s noisier, dustier and in general very vibrant. It takes a couple of days to adjust from relatively quiet and calm Oslo. Neighbors and local vendors in my surroundings great me and welcome me back the first time I see them. It is nice to know that they noticed that you have been away. I thought it would be a bit difficult speaking French again after a couple of months almost not practicing the language, but realize that it is still there. 

Getting back into the scene of action gives a new drive and motivation to work with Wattero. Although Abidjan is well-developed and electrified, I still know that now I am in a country with a vast number of people lacking access to several basic needs, amongst them energy. Another boost for the entire Wattero team boost was the team days we had in our office space at the end of June. Two intensive days filled with planning, strategic decisions to be made and a lot of fun and bonding with each other. These meetings are important as we are a small entity meaning that everyone has to contribute with “anything”. We are dependent on supporting each other, working smart and offering our expertise in different areas. This is both what makes working in a startup extremely challenging and fun! 

Now summer 2019 has started and we will all take some vacation and charge our batteries. We have decided not to take it all at the same time, so there will always be someone working for the progress of Wattero. We wish you all a great summer and we thank you all for your support in our journey. If you have questions, advice or anything else that you would like to talk to us about please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you! 

Happy summer! 

Stava, on behalf of the Wattero team

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