Project – Godjiboue

Project size

75 home solar kits, 350 inhabitants.

Project Period

February 2018 - February 2019.

The idea of project Godjiboué started in May 2017 when Wattero met with the local organization PARO-CI and started discussions of conducting a solar energy project together in the Ivory Coast. In February 2018, the project was launched with the installment of 75 solar kits, giving 350 people in Godjiboué access to high-quality solar energy kits. Wattero was involved in all aspects of the project from project planning, fundraising, and its actual implementation. The project was successfully completed in March 2019. The earlier sources of energy in the village were; torches, kerosene lamps, candle lights, and some solar panels. Now after the installment of our solar panels, over 350 people have been given the opportunity to access clean, renewable energy. This enables them to charge their phones, have light for studies and other activities during the evening and in general light up each individual home.    


The solar kits that we have distributed include three light bulbs that can be unplugged from the cord and used as torches, they have 3 different light intensities and can be adjusted with remote control, as well as a small charging system that can charge four phones at a time. The latter is very important as it gives people the chance to charge their phones at their homes and they do not have to rely on a charging service where they are obliged to leave their phone the whole day in order to be fully charged. This will help people to be connected and able to make calls when they need it.

The Partners


SunWaterLife is a French company working within water purification systems and solar energy. SunWaterLife’s role: supplier of the solar energy kits. The solar kits consisted of a 9-watt solar panel, 2 LED light bulbs with inbuilt batteries and 3 different lighting modes as well as a phone charger.

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PARO-CI is an Ivorian organization supporting projects within the sectors of recycling, clean water solutions, and solar energy. PARO-CI’s role: support Wattero in securing beneficiaries for the project, follow-up based on local expertise, support Wattero in project follow-up and reporting.

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Aidhedge is a Swedish enterprise specialized in identifying financial risks in green and social projects. Aidhedge’s role: support Wattero in financial risk management and maximize the impact of our solar energy projects with more efficient transfers and fewer financial risks.

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