IoT Monitoring

Edge-Device Monitoring:

Our edge-device helps digitize the energy system using IOT platforms for households and communities giving them a way to track the energy being spent on a daily basis, so that they can adjust energy usage as required. We use IOT technology to integrate real-time data received from sensors and help set-up custom visualization dashboards for our customers.

This edge-device is an embedded system, i.e. a combination of hardware and software solutions. To install this edge-device, there is no need to replace the existing energy meter. Instead, a small change is done on the already installed meters to convert them into smart energy meters with this edge-device. We use Lorawan networking to communicate with edge-devices which makes the solution more affordable on a long-term basis. Customers can set a threshold value of electricity units, this logic can be set in the edge-device to tell how much units are remaining and if the threshold is reached the device turns-off electricity automatically. Hence helps in saving electricity for future use.

Our solution is easy to scale, adapt, embed with existing systems, and the Lorawan gateway for networking makes it easily implemented for big communities as well.

On-going Implementation:

We are implementing the above solution for a refugee camp in Jordan in collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council. These edge-devices will help monitor the electricity consumption of households in the camp, allow authorities to visualize the electricity being used by the houses, and help educate household owners also to understand better ways of saving electricity for future use.

Future Implementation:

We would also like to implement this solution for rental flats, residential apartments, office buildings, educational institutions with a mindset of encouraging efficient use of power-resources.

Benefits of using Edge-device monitoring:

  • Providing helpful and detailed feedback on energy used using precise, real-time data from the edge-device.
  • Improving transparency of energy being used in terms of data visibility.
  • Allowing customers to adjust habits based on the information from devices to reduce monthly electric bills.
  • Encourages more efficient use of power resources.
  • Automated control over energy consumption.
  • Helps to optimize the profit with existing resources

Do contact us and give us an opportunity to implement this affordable solution of electricity monitoring for your homes, offices and communities.