Godjiboué September 2018

Godjiboué September 2018

Posted 20/03

Back in Godjiboué after six months or “it has been 2 days” as people say here. The first thing that was greeting us when arriving in the village was two bright light bulbs shining up a local shop. It was a great feeling to see the direct impact our project has had and the fact that the products we delivered are of high quality and being used in the village.

The first evening we went to a local bar to meet the villagers and it gave of course great pleasure to hear people being satisfied with the solar panels that we have provided. Rainy season is almost over in Côte d’Ivoire and what was especially appreciated was the fact that the solar kits that we have brought to the village are working although it rains all day. This is not the case with the other, low quality alternatives that already existed in the village.

We have realized during this project that a monthly, stable income in the village is rare. Hence, the monthly fixed payment has been challenge for several of the villagers. As most of our customers are farmers, we have learnt how dependent they are on the weather conditions. Rainy season came very late this year and much of the cocoa has therefore been destroyed (or at minimum) delayed. When arriving to the village several asked us if we were coming to take away the solar panels of the people who has not been able to keep up with their monthly payment. Although it is crucial for us to receive the repayment, we first and foremost came to Godjiboué to meet the people, listen to their experiences and to be able to share that with all the people who have contributed in making this project possible. We believe that if we want to make a positive change in the local communities here, we need to adjust ourselves to their local reality and not the opposite. By working together and having confidence in people, we believe that we can grow our projects in a sustainable way that truly benefits the people we are working for.

Much of the time spent in Godjiboué went into planning and preparing for our next project. Many of the villagers are eagerly expecting our next return with new products and more light. They sent their healthfully thank you, not only to us, but to all the people who have contributed in making the project a reality!

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