Energy marketplace

We provide a marketplace for energy with automated trading that sells the excess energy in your system and buys when needed. It automatically tries to maximize the profit of each household. 

We provide the platform that includes: 

  • A ledger that tracks energy transmissions and payments
  • A dashboard with system and payments data visualised
  • Integration with PAYGO systems

We also handle the IoT aspect of the system. By this we mean getting the relevant data from the meter to a dashboard where it can be used. We keep the operational costs low by utilising LPWAN technologies for meter to server data transmissions. The encryption of data is an inherent part of the design, ensuring security. 


  • Earn money on the power your panel produces
  • Have the option to buy energy from your neighbors when needed 
  • Make money with no extra effort
    • The system automatically tries to maximize your revenue

Get started

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Use cases

  • Microgrids with distributed energy production
  • Behind the meter trading in gated communities
  • Local virtual power markets