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Company History

Wattero AS was founded in 2018 as a result of a pivot of a previous company by the same founders, Power Up Investment DA. The companies were founded by Espen Sandø, currently CEO, and Elisabeth Stava, COO and Chairman of the board. The team now consists of 6 people with varied academic backgrounds and 4 different countries. Most of the team sits at the office at the incubator Energy.Invented in Fornebu, just outside Oslo. The founding purpose of the company is to contribute against energy poverty and as such the company was born global, focusing on markets in Sub Saharan Africa and more recently the Middle East.

Core Business

The core business of Wattero is utilising IoT technologies to create solutions for energy systems. Our primary product is a marketplace for energy, focused on microgrids, allowing people to buy and sell energy to and from their neighbours. From this another product was created, smart metering using LPWAN technologies to send the data from sensors to a server and doing analysis and visualisation of that data. Wattero is also looking at applications of Virtual Power Plants in Norway.

Our Team

We are based in Oslo and Abidjan. We are motivated by the possibility of providing affordable, solar energy to people who need it, enabling development, empowerment, and sustainability. Meet the motivated and hardworking team of Wattero, which is diverse and consists of peoples of many different backgrounds and experiences.


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Chief Executive Officer


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Business Development

Espen Sandø (CEO and technology manager), an electrical engineer and responsible for the technical team in the company. Elisabeth Stava (Chairman of the Board) who has studied social entrepreneurship at UiO and in Cape Town. Based in Ivory Coast, she has experience in Wattero’s targeted markets. Brian Doyle (advisor) works from the USA while Sujan Devkota (programmer) work at our Oslo office. They have relevant experience in blockchain, databases, web applications and IoT. Simen Bjørndalen (finance manager) has a state- authorized public accountant based in Oslo. Rhoda (business developer) has a PhD in business and management. 

Wattero will succeed because its members are motivated by making solar energy available to those who live without access to electricity and not only offering solutions for today but also developing solutions for tomorrow. Together, we have experience from start-up and organizational work both locally and internationally.

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