As a member of the Fylde Coast Academy Trust (FCAT) the structure of the Local Governing Body and its responsibilities are set out in the

The Local Governing Body plays a vital role in the governance and accountability of 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy; its responsibilities include:

  • Support the vision and direction of FCAT
  • Set and review the vision and direction for 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy within the framework of FCAT’s vision
  • Approval of 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy budget
  • Oversee financial monitoring of 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy
  • Hold the 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy Principal to account for standards and report annually to the Directors
  • Act as a critical friend to 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy Headteacher
  • Approval of capital programmes before submission to the Board of Directors

The Local Governing Body is not responsible for the operational and day to day management of 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy, this is the remit of the Headteacher who reports to the Chief Executive.

The Local Governing Body is made up of people who want to make a positive contribution to your child's education:

Jill Gray (Chair)

(1x FCAT Governor Vacancies)

Rebecca Dugdale (FCAT Governor)

Sarah Matthews (Staff Governor)

Matt Speight (co-opted Governor)

Darren Burrows (FCAT Governor)

Darren Bradbury-Campbell (Parent Governor)

Lesley Nelson (Parent Governor)

John Woods (Headteacher)


The address of the Chair is care of the school - 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Aspire Academy, 黑料吃瓜在线永久 Old Road , 黑料吃瓜在线永久, Lancashire , FY3 7LS

Governance Documents

Updated: 29/01/2024 56 KB

Governors are advised to include interests of both themselves and any member of their immediate family (including partners).

Governors have read the guidelines regarding Register of Pecuniary or Business Interests and declared whether or not they have
any interests that may conflict with their duties as a Governor on Aspire Local Governing Body or as a Governor within Fylde Coast
Academy Trust and its other academies.