Aspire Awards and Badges Explained


At Aspire we believe in positive student recognition as a great incentive and motivator of continued student progress and good behaviour. It is so important that students are given positive feedback and are rewarded for a job well done, it will encourage them to continue to work hard and do their very best.

We have worked hard to create our amazing ‘GOLDEN CULTURE’ where students and staff are brilliant, resilient and self-regulating. We award students with Golden Culture points on a daily basis and these add up over the term. When they have achieved 300 points they receive their BRONZE Golden Culture badge and we see our students wearing them with pride on their blazers. When they have 500 points they will receive a SILVER award and for 750 they will get a GOLD award.

Just being well behaved is not our only expectation but to strive to also try their best every one GOLDEN HOUR and achieve on or above their targets in every subject.  To these students we present TOP SCHOLARS awards twice a year!

Students that show kindness above and beyond our expectations can receive an AWESOME Award, these students are nominated by staff or students.

Attendance plays a key part to any students’ success and allows them to have the best possible GOLDEN FUTURE. We expect all our students to be in on time, every day and we recognise their efforts by awarding 100% ATTENDANCE badges. If a student has 100% attendance for one term they will received a BRONZE badge, for two terms a SILVER badge and for all three terms a GOLD badge.


Although academic success is our main focus we encourage our students to get involved with enriching activities and offer a variety of clubs and committees for students. To recognise that students are participating in these wider curricular opportunities is important and we demonstrate this with individual CLUB or COMMITTEE badge


The Academy should be the hub of the community and many of our wonderful students go the extra mile or as we like to call it the ‘extra GOLDEN mile’ by involving themselves fully in community projects. Many of our students belong to cadet organisations or do charity work in their spare time, this not only helps and supports the community but enriches their lives too. We reward these students with SERVICE badges.

It is so important to Aspire that our students have pride in our Academy and we are so pleased that they wear these badges with PRIDE.